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Your child can eat more foods, sleep better, feel good in their skin, and regain normalcy. 


Jennifer can guide you, and give you the support you need for your child to have a life-changing skin transformation.

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I understand you're struggling


Do you remember what it was like to be a kid?

Sometimes it’s hard to get back in that frame of mind as an adult… But I'm sure you remember how hard it is to be a kid, especially when you don't look like everyone else. And if your child has rashes, not only are you struggling to manage the debilitating itch, pain, dryness, weeping, and lack of sleep, you're probably worried that they'll be hindered by the emotional aspects that come with looking different.

  • Do people stare and wonder what’s wrong?

  • Do people ask if it’s contagious?

  • Do you feel like people are thinking “why don’t they do something about that”?

I struggled with feeling different as a kid. I was born with a congenital difference so my body didn’t look like everyone else’s… and I distinctly remember how uncomfortable I felt in my body at a very young age, and how mean other kids can be!

I’m on a mission to do everything I can to help kids through those difficult times and grow up with the confidence they need to succeed in life.

A big part of that is making sure you are doing the RIGHT things… instead of doing things that create bigger problems.

Like going on elimination diets… which is some of the most common advice with rashes. But it’s so detrimental for everyone.

I've seen way too many kids develop nutrient insufficiency and deficiency, a worsening of symptoms over time, disordered eating habits, and even full-blown eating disorders. The stress these diets put on parents is another issue I see every day in my practice. I don’t want anyone to deal with these problems, certainly not you and your child!

It's not ok, it breaks my heart, and it doesn't have to be like this. There’s a better approach to solving skin issues… and while proper nutrition (getting the right foods in rather than taking more out) is a piece of the puzzle, it involves a lot more. 

So how’d I get started? I studied nutrition and dietetics undergrad, went to grad school for public health, and again for nutrition, then received my CNS (certified nutrition specialist).

With the degrees and certification under my belt, I pulled together my experiences as a kid, my disastrous attempts to feel better using elimination diets and diet restrictions (yes, I've been there too), and the fact that so many kids with rashes are put on elimination diets to “solve the problem,” and I found my niche…

I help children with chronic rashes navigate the journey to healthy skin and enjoy a childhood free from disruptive skin symptoms. 

Instead of just managing symptoms with more diet restrictions, environment changes, and prescription creams, I use my signature step-by-step process, functional testing, and a detailed health history to uncover root cause imbalances at the heart of the problem and provide a roadmap so that your child can eat more foods, sleep better, feel good in their skin, regain normalcy, and enjoy a childhood free from disruptive skin symptoms.

I’ve helped hundreds of kids, and I want yours to grow up healthy and happy and not have concerns that will follow them into adulthood and hinder their prosperity.

And I’m guessing you want that for your child too!

Know that your child doesn’t have to struggle with disruptive skin symptoms, and you certainly don’t have to figure this out alone. I can help, and I'm ready to get started when you are 💕.

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