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First LIVE program content call: April 27, 2023


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What people are saying about the program

"My daughter can now have all the foods that were restricted before! I feel liberated, and I'm so relieved. 

She now has little to no issues with her skin, and her gut is on the road to recovery."


"I'm so thankful I took the course! I'm nursing, I was only eating a handful of foods, and my daughter's skin was at its worst. 

I've gradually added almost all foods back in, and her skin has gotten so much better."

- Corryn E

"I wish I had found this course earlier. It feels like I’ve been trying to work things out myself for years, and doing something like this is really actually helping me find solutions! Thank you for this course!"



"There isn't much out there to help children and babies with eczema, so this program really stood out. 

The most significant change I've made is now giving him all types of foods! No more elimination diets!"

-Ashleigh C


Is Your Child Struggling With Rashes?


If You Are

  • Frustrated that your child’s diet is getting smaller and smaller
  • Concerned your child isn’t getting enough nourishment
  • Confused about what to feed your child because everything seems to cause reactions
  • Fed up that more diet restrictions, environment changes, and prescription creams are the only ‘solutions’ you’re given
  • Tired because when your child is up all night scratching, you’re up too
  • Overwhelmed because you’ve tried everything, nothing has solved the problem, and you don’t know where to turn
  • Afraid your child will just have to live with it


Know That

  • You don’t have to live like this, and your child’s first years shouldn’t be spent this way
  • You don’t have to do this alone
  • I’ve helped hundreds of children, just like yours, enjoy a childhood free from disruptive skin issues


You need a different approach

Instead of managing symptoms with more diet restrictions, environment changes, and prescription creams, I can help you address unique imbalances at the heart of the problem and create a roadmap to restore balance so that your child can eat more foods, sleep better, feel good in their skin, and regain normalcy.   


There's a process I teach my clients to conquer their child’s rashes and get them life-changing transformations like these.

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You'll learn and apply the same key, foundational steps I use in my practice to identify and address root cause imbalances contributing to your child's skin rashes so that you can finally set them on the true path to healthy skin and lasting relief.


What people are saying about the program

"Our motivation for enrolling in this course was to find relief and answers for our daughter's itchy, rashy skin. We tried everything, and we were desperate. Her quality of life was being affected as well as ours. We needed answers and guidance. When I came across information from Jennifer, I knew she could help! I enrolled immediately! We wanted to learn answers to the root cause of our daughter's problems. We refused to believe that our little girl would have to live like this for the rest of her life.

Other approaches we tried were unreasonable and unrealistic for a long-term happy childhood. All we were being offered elsewhere were elimination diets, harsh creams and medications, and invasive testing. This seemed too aggressive for such a little girl.

Doctors couldn't give me a clear answer for why she was experiencing these symptoms. Jennifer has those answers, she is kind and approachable and sincerely wants to find the skin transformation for your child that you so desperately want!

The cost I invested for this course was very reasonable, and the expertise, recommendations, and information I received were much more valuable than the initial small investment.

We saw a dramatic improvement in our daughter's skin after a few weeks. Even friends commented to us how good her skin was looking! It's like her body said, "thank you for giving me the nouristment boost I needed to function and start to heal."  We saw her mood and behavior improve, and she's had some improvement in sleeping longer through the night.

The course taught me that we still have bigger root cause issues to address, which is why she's been struggling. That's why we are now working 1:1 with Jennifer, to finally get to the bottom of it!

It was so refreshing for a practitioner to tell us we didn't have to live with eczema for the rest of our lives, and to have a practitioner say there's a root cause that can be addressed. 

The knowledge we have gained is priceless. This course was a fantastic introduction to Jennifer, her approach, and taking our daughter's health journey to the next level, with Jennifer as our guide. 

I have hope for my little girl to live eczema free and to be healthy, happy, and have a normal childhood."

-Katrina U

"Thank you, Jennifer, for being so so thoughtful about what to specifically use for CHILDREN. I can’t stress this enough, we’ve been with functional doctors who supplemented our son like crazy and the protocols that they used made him way worse. Your thoughtfulness and holistic understanding of these little systems are so so important! Thank you thank you!

-Kim A

"I enrolled in this course to learn more about the root cause of eczema. I wanted to understand why this was happening to my child.

Jennifer offered so much information and shared valuable knowledge.

Since taking the course, I can act with confidence and knowledge, and I have hope for my child's future. I worry less, don't have as much anxiety, and I'm able to allow my child to eat more foods instead of limiting his diet even more.

The live calls were so helpful because I was able to get my specific questions answered, and the price I paid was well worth the confirmation, knowledge, and support I received. 

I absolutely recommend this course, especially if you feel like you haven't gotten the support you need to help your child, because Jennifer provides that support!"


I appreciate Jennifer's knowledge and that she specializes in skin healing for children! My biggest hesitation about joining was asking myself if it was worth it to take the course. I am enjoying the course content, it has broadened my knowledge and given me other options to consider implementing. Jennifer leaves no question unanswered. I have focused on food up to this point and now I know we need to support his body the in other ways to promote healing. It's a lot of great information, and support. The program is an affordable way for us to continue our son's healing journey!

-Kimberly W

Jennifer genuinely wants to help and answered all my questions!  I’m feeling much more empowered. Other practitioners never helped us get to the root cause of the problem, and Jennifer does. It's evident that she put in the work to create content that is actionable!  Jennifer is so kind and approachable and makes everyone feel at ease. It's refreshing! She is really making an impact and this type of work is so appreciated because we need it desperately, and no one is really doing it with this level of experience and expertise. So thank you!!

-Sarah D

This course stood out to me because it is affordable. I always hesitate to spend money (it's a concern for us) without a guarantee of a return, but I had been following Jennifer's work for a while on social media and I felt like we had a good shot at learning more and getting results! I appreciate the personal responses I got to my questions. Being able to ask questions and hear others' questions being answered is amazing. I like all of the resources that have been provided, and that prior course live calls are available too. I feel like we are on our way to healing our son, and I'm optimistic and hopeful about it! This course is absolutely worth the investment.

- Nicole W


Imagine if you could

  • Expand your child's diet, and be at ease feeding them
  • Sleep through the night
  • Dress your child in t-shirts, shorts, or a skirt without them scratching themselves bloody raw
  • Feel confident that your child’s future won’t be hindered by their debilitating rashes
  • Stop wasting money on products that don't work and relying on prescription medications and creams to manage symptoms
  • Find out what’s causing the problem in the first place
  • Enjoy childhood!


If you can imagine this, then this program is for you!


This program isn't for you if you are

  • Focusing on diet to solve the problem, or other one-off interventions like a probiotic, glutamine, and environment changes
  • Adverse to including supplements for your child
  • Still trying to fix the problem on your own
  • Feeling resistance to changing your mindset around diet, nutrition, and rashes like eczema
  • Hoping they’ll just grow out of it
  • Not interested in finding out what’s causing the problem in the first place

During our 6 weeks together, you'll apply the same foundational steps I use in my practice. 

You'll start by implementing strategies to help relieve your child’s most debilitating symptoms. 

Then, you'll move through 4 more key steps that will help you identify root cause imbalances contributing to your child's skin rashes. The steps you’ll apply are the ones that help my clients get these transformations for their children.

With all of this information under your belt, you can finally set your child on the true path to healthy skin and lasting relief.

The steps are

Ditch the Itch 

  • Goal: Get the tools you need to manage your child’s debilitating skin symptoms
  • Objectives 
    • Know what to use and what not to use on the skin and why
    • Manage cradle cap and nighttime itch
    • Swimming with rashes
    • Filaggrin/skin barrier function and support
    • Learn the pH of readily available cleansers and moisturizers (and why this matters)
    • Bonus content for acne, psoriasis, and rosacea


  • Goal: Nourish your child so that their body has the fuel it needs to do everything it's supposed to (grow, develop, function, thrive, and build and repair healthy skin)
  • Objectives
    • Understand why elimination diets can be problematic
    • Avoid fear of food
    • Understand types of food reactions (IgG, IgE, intolerances)
    • Food sensitivity testing (should you do it?)
    • Expand your child's diet
    • Learn that food isn't the root cause of the problem
    • Know what foods, supplements, and testing can help
    • Bonus content about picky eating, how to get off your elimination diet, and lowering your baby’s risk for developing eczema and allergies


  • Goal: Support your child's immune system so that it can combat the oxidative stress that leads to inflammation and the underlying mechanisms for the development of rashes like eczema
  • Objectives
    • Know what nutrients are important for supporting a healthy immune system and for combating histamine reactions
    • Understand why these nutrients are low in children and when there are rashes
    • Know what foods, supplements, and testing can help
    • Bonus content about food allergy, IgE testing and rashes like eczema, case study reviews, and advanced urinary organic acids test analyses


  • Goal: Support your child's detoxification pathways to make sure toxins get out rather than cause flares
  • Objectives:
    • Avoid common detoxification mistakes 
    • Understand how the body actually does detox 
    • Learn how liver detox really works and how to support your child's detox pathways
    • Know what foods, supplements, and testing can help
    • Bonus content about MTHFR (the role MTHFR plays in detoxification and histamine reactions), hydration, and constipation


  • Goal: Understand the Gut-Skin axis and how a healthy gut leads to healthy skin
  • Objectives:
    • Learn what the gut microbiome is and why it matters for your child's skin 
    • Know what probiotics to try and why you want to avoid others
    • Learn what pro and prebiotic foods your child can start eating now to support a healthy gut
    • Learn what a true gut repair plan is and what steps need to be part of it
    • Know what foods, supplements, and testing can help
    • Bonus content, including case study reviews and comprehensive digestive stool test analyses
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Your child can have healthy skin and get results like this!


When you join, you will

  • Get the tools you need to manage your child’s most debilitating skin symptoms
  • Know what your child should eat for healthy skin, a strong immune system, functioning detoxification pathways, optimal gut health, and overall growth and development so that they can thrive!
  • Feel confident expanding your child’s diet
  • Understand what’s causing the problem in the first place
  • Know what testing can help identify root cause imbalances at the heart of the problem so we can heal your child from the inside out
  • Get access to professional-grade supplement recommendations to address root cause imbalances
  • Have access to countless other resources
  • Get support from me and a community of others that are on similar health journeys with their children
  • And so much more!


The program combines recorded lessons and LIVE group calls with Jennifer, where you can get your specific questions answered for your child.

  • You'll have access to 5 recorded, research-based lessons that give you the tools you need to manage your child’s debilitating skin symptoms and apply the same foundational steps that I use in my practice so you can identify root cause imbalances contributing to your child's skin rashes 
    • I'll share the research and my clinical experience that helps my clients get the transformation they dream of for their children
  • Six live group calls with Jennifer and access to the recordings 
    • I’ll answer your questions
    • Empower you to know what you need to do to help your child feel better
    • Challenge you to think differently about your child's rashes and how they are addressed
    • We’ll talk about supplement recommendations that address root cause imbalances
    • We’ll talk about functional testing to identify your child’s unique root cause imbalances, what testing I use most often in my practice, and review examples and case studies so you know what you need to look out for on your child’s test results
    • We’ll review the deeper-dive interventions you need to take on your child's health journey


You’ll also get these bonuses

  • Access to a private Facebook community to connect with others and get support and guidance so that you can keep moving the needle forward for your child
  • Access to professional-grade nutrient supplements and recommendations that address root cause imbalances
  • Ability to continue as a private client after the end of the group so that you can get more individualized support for your child's health journey
  • Access to discounted functional testing during the program and the ability to have your child’s test results analyzed by Jennifer on a live call
  • Unlimited access to future live programs and course upgrades/additions!
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What people are saying about the program

"I had no hesitation about signing up for this course. I can't thank Jennifer enough for being there on this journey with us, and I'm eternally grateful to have found her! I'm learning everything I hoped for and more! Finally, someone can explain why my child is really suffering with rashes. Jennifer has finally given us hope that our child will not have to live with this or remember this horrible time in her little life!

The live calls are why I really appreciate this course because we can get questions answered specific to our situation."

-Katrina U

"Thank you for making this program available! I am truly grateful to have options outside of the conventional steroid ladder. This opportunity has already done huge things for our family, and I know we're just scratching the surface. There is SO MUCH information, and I am so glad it's in the format it is because I can go back to previous lessons and rewatch them, take notes, etc. and create a roadmap for my kiddos. If you're ready to learn and do the root cause work to heal your child long-term, this is a great course for you!"

- Corryn E

I so appreciate this course and am grateful that I encountered it. I will be using it as a resource and reference point long-term. The class series truly was helpful for me. I love the healthy reframes on how restrictive diets just aren't the thing. That's a massive myth-buster for me. I really admire Jennifer's knowledge, openness and expertise, and helpful advice! Thank you again for such a fantastic series. I will be using Jennifer as a resource going forward!"

-Molly K

"When Jennifer spoke about not blaming food and that there's a root cause of all the issues my child had, I knew I wanted to take this course, and nothing was holding me back from joining. SO many doctors visits and so much money wasted until I was referred to Jennifer and this program. I now have tools in my toolbox to really heal my daughter's rashes. Just thank you, I have never felt like someone is on my (and my toddler's) side. We've been to so many doctor visits and specialists, and no one has given me the option that I can help fix this rather than just give her more ointments or just keep certain foods out of her diet. Jennifer and this program have been the life jacket we've needed."

- Alyssa

"The expertise and knowledge Jennifer has about kids and rashes grabbed my attention and are why I joined. I have researched so much on my own over the years about histamine, filaggrin, l-histidine, GI map, Metabolomix, and different probiotics but felt SO confused, alone, and depressed. I did not know where to get the right help. At first, I was afraid this would just be another course, just more information... Now I'm so glad I joined! I have learned so much and now have new strategies to help my kid.  The program is so helpful - with the possibility to ask so many questions! It's a mix of everything I need! Not too much and not too little information. A perfect balance! It covers everything I hoped it would and more."


"I joined the program so that I could help my daughter. I was a little hesitant about the time commitment, but I realized my daughter's health is more important, and I had to find the time! There is so much great information and so many resources. Everything I was hoping to learn was covered in the lessons and on the lives calls. Having all the recordings available is really nice because I can rewatch them and take notes. The course is well organized and informative, and I 100% recommend it to anyone that wants to learn more about the root cause of eczema for their child.

-Nancy G

"I am grateful for the live support with my unique concerns, and I love that the program is specific to kids. The supplement ideas and dosing recommendations are very useful too. I highly recommend this course. Family and friends ask me what they should do about their kids' eczema, and this course, with its support, is essential to parents dealing with these types of issues with their kids. Especially if they have already gone down all the conventional routes and realize there must be something more or another way to help their kid."

-Stephanie K

"I am learning what I had hoped to! The program is practical and explains the root causes of the problem. I really appreciate the resources that are included, like supplement recommendations and dosing, and all of the strategies and tools I can use to help my child. I'm beginning to study functional medicine and nutrition, and I really appreciate Jennifer's approach and willingness to share her knowledge with families that need it so much! So much of what Jennifer shares in the course isn't found in books or other classes, if you want to learn about root causes of your child's eczema and what to do about it, this is a great program for you."

-Susan S

"I joined the program because I had already learned so much from Jennifer's Instagram posts and her podcast interviews, and I wanted to dive deeper and get to the root cause of the problem for my child. I love that even though it's a group program, it's interactive, and I can get my specific questions answered! The lessons, resources, and recommendations are very helpful. I would definitely recommend this program to others."

-Clara L

"This course has been amazing. It's really informative about the "why." I love how it's broken down into really clear topics and that I can ask questions on the live calls. The resources are fantastic. I feel like I under paid for this course! I'm walking away with so much knowledge. Thank you, Jennifer. You are making a real difference to so many people. I would absolutely recommend this course, it has exceeded my expectations!"

-Rebecca M (Australia)

"The live Zoom calls were a great review of the week's materials, and having the recordings was a great option because I could go back and listen to them at a convenient time for me.  The course offers strategies you can implement in real time, and there's access to Jennifer to get your specific questions answered (also in real-time). The small financial investment I made to enroll in this course was very worth the value I received! I highly recommend this course!"

Susan S

“Thank you for this course! It has given me so much hope for my little one’s future and courage to feed him more foods.”

-Sandra K


I'll teach you how to get life-changing transformations like these for your child!


Are you ready to start your child's journey to healthy skin and a childhood free from disruptive skin symptoms?

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I'm Jennifer! 

I'm sure you remember how hard it is to be a kid, especially when you don't look like everyone else. And if your child has rashes, not only are you struggling to manage the debilitating itch, pain, dryness, weeping, and lack of sleep, you're probably worried that they'll be self-conscious and insecure about looking different.

As a kid, I distinctly remember how uncomfortable I felt in my body. I was born with a congenital difference so my body didn’t look like everyone else’s… and I also remember what it felt like to think everyone was judging me because of it. 

In addition to my own struggles, my father has suffered from psoriasis since he was 6 years old, and he developed psoriatic arthritis at age 35 (I was 10 years old at the time). He is now in his 70s, and I’ve watched him continue to deteriorate. This disease stole my father from me and, therefore, my childhood. I don’t want this to happen to your family. 

I’m on a mission to do everything I can to help kids grow up with the confidence they need to succeed. I’m passionate about helping your child, so they don’t struggle like I did... because they don’t need to.

I want to help your child while they're young enough that they'll never remember there was ever a problem. And I know you want this for your child too.

A big part of that is making sure you are doing the RIGHT things to heal your child's skin problems… instead of doing things that create bigger ones.

I’ve helped hundreds of kids, and I want yours to grow up healthy and happy and not have concerns that will follow them into adulthood and hinder their prosperity.

Your child doesn’t have to struggle with disruptive skin symptoms, and you certainly don’t have to figure this out alone.


I can help and teach you the steps I teach in my practice to conquer your child’s rashes and get them life-changing transformations like these!


Frequently asked questions about the program

What will I learn in this course? 

During our 6 weeks together, you'll start by implementing strategies to help relieve your child’s most debilitating symptoms. Then, you'll apply the foundational steps that I use with my private clients so you can identify root cause imbalances contributing to your child's skin rashes (those steps are Nourish, Immune, Detoxification, and Gut). Once you know your child's root cause imbalances, you can finally set them on the true path to healthy skin and lasting relief.

What type of skin issues does this program help?

The course is primarily geared towards eczema/atopic dermatitis, but it can also help if your child struggles with psoriasis, rosacea, acne, keratosis pilaris, dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, hives, and topical steroid withdrawal (TSW).

What age range does this program help?

The program is geared towards children age 0 and up. Most of the children I work with in my practice are between the ages of 0 - early/mid-teens.

Will this program help if my child has food allergies too?

Yes, it will. Food allergies (IgE) can result from leaky gut and leaky skin. The program will teach you how to support the gut and skin barriers, and lower inflammation (a rash trigger and a result of food reactions).

Has this worked for other children?

Yes! Check out my testimonials page to see how my signature process has helped so many children just like yours >>> Testimonials Page. Also, scroll back up on this page to read what other program attendees had to say about this course!

Can I join if I don't live in the US?

Yes, because this is an online program! There are even supplement and testing resources available for you based on your location. 

What if I can't make the live calls?

Don't worry! You can submit questions outside of the calls. The live calls are recorded, too, so you can catch up at your convenience. 

What if I want to go through the materials or the class again?

You can! The course materials will remain available to you after the course [in the Kajabi platform], so you always have that option.

What if I can’t afford a stool test (or other functional testing) or can't get it where I live?

Not a problem. The program doesn’t require functional testing. The information we'll go over in the program will help strengthen and support your child's health. During the course, I'll walk you through what you need to know to help your child get the life-changing transformation you dream of for them (whether or not you can get testing done).

Are you going to recommend more elimination diets?

No! Some primary goals of the program are to stop blaming food, expand your child's diet, and work on addressing the root cause of the problem (which isn't food).

My baby has eczema and is exclusively breastfed. Is this course going to help?

Yes! Whether your child is EBF, formula-fed, starting solids, or is already weaned, the program will teach you what you need to know to help them have healthy skin and a childhood free from disruptive skin symptoms (without unnecessary diet restrictions for you or them).

Will taking this course be a conflict if I'm also working with another practitioner?

No, it's supportive. Many of my clients work with different practitioners. It can be helpful to have an additional perspective. You can share what you learn in the program with your other practitioner(s). 

What's next? What happens after the program?

We only have so much time together during this program, and I’ll share as much as possible with you!  Most people will need more customization, and functional testing is important for that customization (you’ll learn more about this in the program). There are opportunities for us to work together if you’re interested in going deeper and having me help you solve the problem. We’ll talk about this during the program!


Let's get your child skin-transforming, life-changing results like these!

Get the support you need for your child to eat more foods, sleep better, feel good in their skin, and regain normalcy.


The kick-off call is on April 20, 2023, and the first LIVE program content call is on April 27, 2023!

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