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 Ask Me Anything Live Q&A Replay
If you missed the live event, don't worry!
Get answers to your most pressing questions about your child's skin and the information you need to feel confident about your next steps to Conquer Your Child's Rashes!
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From Rash To Relief Live Replay
If you missed the live event, don't worry!
Watch the replay and get effective strategies to balance your emotions, support to stay strong and keep your hope alive for your child, and shift your energy to a more helpful state of mind. 
Caitlin is also the mom of a now 6-year-old girl who used to suffer from severe eczema.
She also shared her story, with some before and after photos, so make sure to check out the replay. Her daughter's transformation is incredible.
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FREE MASTERCLASS: The 3 Biggest Mistakes When Healing Your Child's Skin (And How To Avoid Them!)

In this MasterClass, I'm going to teach you the 3 biggest mistakes I see people making that prevent their children's skin from healing and what you need to do instead. 
Get my FREE MASTERCLASS, "The 3 Biggest Mistakes When Healing Your Child's Skin (And How To Avoid Them!)"
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FREE Guide: Ditch The Itch

How Many Different Creams, Lotions, Potions, And Oils Have You Tried On Your Child’s Dry, Flaky, Weepy, Red, Itchy, Painful Rashes?
Knowing what to use on the skin is confusing, frustrating, and nerve-wracking!
Using the wrong products on the skin can have a negative impact on the skin's microbiome and barrier function, which are already problems when there are chronic skin rashes, like eczema.
Get my FREE guide “Ditch The Itch” to find out which products to avoid, and which to try instead. 
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FREE Guide: Detoxification & Your Child's Chronic Skin Rashes:  4 Mistakes To Avoid & 4 Strategies To Implement Instead
There’s a lot of confusion, misunderstanding, and inappropriate interventions being implemented for detoxification for children with chronic skin problems.
This can contribute to your child’s skin rashes and can even make it worse. 
There are foundational strategies I teach in my practice to help little bodies detox the right way, so that they can have healthy skin. I'm sharing them with you in this FREE GUIDE, "Detoxification & Your Child's Chronic Skin Rashes: 4 Mistakes To Avoid & 4 Strategies To Implement Instead!"
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FREE Guide: The Probiotic Mistake You're Making That's Flaring Your Child's Rashes
If It Seems Like Probiotics Make Your Child’s Skin Worse, It’s Not A Coincidence!
Find out which probiotics to avoid, and which to try when your child has rashes.
The wrong probiotic can make your child’s rashes worse. 
Stop guessing which probiotic to use! Get my FREE guide to find out which probiotics to avoid, and which to try instead.
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Expand Your Child's Diet

"Food isn’t the root cause of your child's rashes. That’s why elimination diets haven't solved the problem."

- Jennifer Brand,  Clinical Nutritionist

Nutrition Resources
Prevent Leaky Skin

"Leaky skin can make your child more prone to infections, worsening rashes and itching, and even food and environmental allergies."

-Jennifer Brand, Clinical Nutritionist

Skin Resources
Gut - Skin Connection

"There are gut problems in 100% of my clients struggling with chronic skin rashes. Often there are no gut symptoms at all."

-Jennifer Brand, Clinical Nutritionist

Gut Resources

"Stay up-to-date with the latest intel to help your child's skin!"

-Jennifer Brand, Clinical Nutritionist


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