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Instead of managing your child's disruptive skin symptoms with more diet restrictions, environment changes, and prescription creams, I use functional testing and a detailed health history to uncover unique imbalances at the heart of the problem and provide a roadmap to restore balance so that your child can eat more foods, feel good in their skin, regain normalcy, and be a child.

JENNIFER WORKS WITH CHILDREN, if you need a referral, we are happy to provide one, just ask!


Core values

  • Accountability: I am accountable to guide you on this journey, and teach you what I know to help your child feel better. You are accountable for following through with the recommendations.

  • Gratitude: Teamwork makes the dream work! I am grateful to be on your team to help your child feel better. We’ll be working together closely to make this happen.

  • Optimism: Mindset is important. Whether you think you can or you can’t you’re right. You won’t be able to help your child feel better if you don’t believe that it's possible.

  • Adaptability: Success is not a straight line. There will be bumps along the road, and we will navigate them together. The journey to healthy skin (and a bigger diet) requires patience, persistence, and consistency with the interventions we implement.

Start Here —> Skin (And Gut) Strategy Session


A strategy session is the first step to becoming a client, as I do not take on all cases due to limited capacity in my practice. I like to make sure that your case is a good fit and that we're on the same page regarding what steps you're open to taking.

During our session, we’ll discuss what’s happening with your child, I’ll guide you, answer your questions, we’ll determine if we’re a fit to work together on a deeper level and if so, talk about the next steps on your child’s health journey.


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Next Steps —> If We Are A Fit To Work Together On A Deeper Level, You’ll Select Your Skin (And Gut) Restore Program 


All programs include

  • An in-depth evaluation of your health history. This information serves as the roadmap for your health journey and gives us a holistic perspective of how to address the problem.

  • Functional testing is included to identify imbalances at the heart of the problem.

  • Two 60-minute sessions to get started, review your health history, test results, and personalized action plan.

  • Messenger access to Jennifer for support between sessions. General questions can be answered between sessions. If more support is needed, a session will be recommended.

  • Tracking symptoms between sessions is an important and required part of the process. 

Choose between 

  • Large (three tests, six follow-up sessions, four ‘emergency’ calls, 12 months) - One pay OR Payment plan 

  • Medium (two tests, four follow-up sessions, two ‘emergency’ calls, 8 months) - One pay OR Payment plan

  • Small (one test, two follow-up sessions, one ‘emergency’ call, 4 months) - One pay OR Payment plan 

For self-starters looking for a plan to follow

  • Bring Your Own Test (testing not included, one session to review your health history, test results, and action plan) - One pay 



Group Program: 5 steps to conquer your child’s rashes. Find out what’s really causing your child’s rashes (and no, it’s not food).

I have a 6-week course called 5 steps to conquer your child’s rashes. Find out what’s really causing your child’s rashes (and no, it’s not food).

During our 6 weeks together, you'll start by implementing strategies to help relieve your child’s most debilitating symptoms. 

Then, you'll apply the 4 foundational steps that I teach my private clients so you can identify root cause imbalances contributing to your child's skin rashes.

Once you know your child's root cause imbalances, you can finally set them on the true path to healthy skin and lasting relief.

When you join, you will:

  • Get the tools you need to manage your child’s debilitating skin symptoms
  • Know what your child should eat for healthy skin
  • Understand what’s causing the problem in the first place
  • Get supplement recommendations that address root cause imbalances
  • Support from me
  • And more!

Learn more HERE

Pricing is:

  • Subject to processing fees

  • Subject to change

  • Per individual

  • Payment plans for your investment are available for select services

  • Additional test costs and analyses are not included and are available for additional fees

  • If international, additional fees may apply

  • I do not take insurance, or provide superbills

  •  HSA and FSA cards are accepted. Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition LLC is not responsible for whether or not your plan accepts these services for reimbursement. Documentation for your HSA or FSA plan is the responsibility of you/the client.

  • If you have questions, ask me before booking. There are no refunds on your investment.

Unless otherwise noted in writing, costs for sessions, ongoing support, functional lab testing, supplements, and diet/meal planning are not included.

*Current clients* My practice grows by referral, and yours are greatly appreciated! For each referral that becomes a client, I’m happy to extend a complimentary 30-minute follow-up session to you the referrer!

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