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Our little boy suffered from horrendous eczema since about 6 months old.

He lost all his hair and seemed to shed about two layers of skin a week.

Night time was an absolute ordeal, as he would wake several times in the night itching, which meant we all woke several times in the night to comfort him.

Every morning there were new bloodstains on his sheets from where he scratched himself raw.

His skin made him look like a burn victim.

Through blood tests, food sensitivities, making our own detergent, getting rid of the cat, going on a strict AIP diet, and carrying around Benadryl like a precious gem, we were at our wits end!

Finding Jennifer was a GODSEND. She is so patient and kind and wise. Her protocol for our baby changed his skin from head to toe and allowed his diet to expand well beyond what we thought he could tolerate.

With Jennifer’s help, our baby’s behavior and anxiety also greatly improved.

Literally from the summer until now (it’s been about 5-6 months), we have a different child. Our miserable, sleep-deprived, itchy little baby is now a happy, goofy, well-rested, healthy little boy.

Jennifer, thank YOU so much! Looking at these before and after pictures makes me wonder who the first child even is! Your knowledge and kindness have so changed our lives!

-  Emilee


I just looked back on old photos of our daughter. I feel like her skin has gotten so much better, even in just the last month or so! I’m really looking forward to what the future will bring!

The bottom photo is when she was six months, the middle is right before we started the protocol (around 18m) and the top is from December 2021 (2yrs)!

We still have work to do but we are getting there and I’m so happy about it!

— AR

I wanted to share how amazing he is doing!!! His fingers are healed with zero inflammation and his face is doing so much better! Since we’ve started his protocol we can now more easily identify what is causing his flare-ups which are getting less and less frequent. This has all been life-changing for us, we are so grateful!

— Kareena

Slowly but steadily she is getting better! There is no weeping anymore. Her skin is so much smoother and does not get bright red anymore. She is healing slowly and we are so grateful. Thanks for everything Jennifer!

— Yuliana

We’ve had more progress! She hasn’t been red for more than a week now.

She can spend the whole day without wearing gloves because she’s not scratching all the time, and she can even be in a diaper and not scratch!

Her legs are getting better, and her chest is clear. Last night she slept without her sleeves and she didn’t scratch.

It’s been 10 days now with minimal flaring and scratching! I’m so excited about her improvements so far!

— Yuliana


I found Jennifer in August of 2021 because I wanted to get insight and relief for my son’s eczema, skin rashes, and sensitivities to food.

My son struggled with eczema and food allergies since he was 4-5 months old. It got increasingly worse.

His skin was in such bad shape and he was so itchy that he couldn’t wear shorts in the South Carolina summer heat.

His diet got more and more limited.

We just wanted to figure out how to heal our son, and I was bound and determined to do it. But I felt lost in our journey.

I wanted to be able to confidently send him to school without the crippling fear that he would come home with his skin an absolute mess!

We had followed a lot of the advice and tips on Jennifer’s website and had some success, so I felt like with her proper guidance we could really see some results for him.

Within 5 months the transformation has been overwhelming!

Our son is growing like crazy, eating like a champ, he looks healthy, and his skin has improved significantly.

I’m so excited to see so much improvement, I didn’t think this was possible. We’re scared to acknowledge it sometimes because it’s so surreal! He’s no longer a grumpy little boy, he wakes up happy!

We feel like we are meeting our son for the first time.

— Courtney

His skin is doing amazing!! He has worn shorts a few times and can regularly wear t-shirts!!

- Courtney

He's doing so well, it's incredible and hard to believe. I never thought he could progress this far

He's sleeping through the night and has days where he doesn't scratch at all. 

For the first time, I feel confident he will heal 100% one day as long as we persist with what we have been doing.



We are so grateful for the work we've done with Jennifer, and for her guidance. We couldn't have gotten here without her! I can’t thank you enough, Jennifer, for what you have helped us through, and we are even across the globe in Asia!


Before we started he used to say his stomach hurt. Now he doesn’t anymore.

He’s sleeping much better too.

It’s such a big difference when he’s not in pain, and his skin looks great!

Thanks for getting us through this!!!

— KQ

Hi Jennifer, we wanted to show you her hand before we started and today! Amazing!

— Heather

My daughter had eczema all over her body. She was very uncomfortable and itchy. Sometimes it was painful. Water hurt and flared her skin, and lotions made her rashes sting. She also struggled with a variety of food sensitivities and was often complaining about stomach aches and heartburn.

I wanted to get to the root cause of these issues and make lasting improvements in her health.

I found Jennifer and started working with her in October of 2020.

After about 6 weeks on the protocol, I was seeing progress. Her stomach symptoms greatly improved and when I put lotion on her before bed, I noticed her skin was less rough.

Along the journey, I noticed her flares were less severe when they did happen, and her skin was less inflamed.

In July 2021, I feel like we turned the corner! Her skin is pretty much clear, with just a few spots of dryness. Dryness has always been an issue, but that’s improved significantly as well. Water doesn’t hurt her skin anymore, and her rashes are gone!

We aren’t finished with my daughter’s health journey, but I’m thrilled with how far we’ve come so far!

— Sarah

We are 10 weeks into the protocol. Words cannot express my gratitude. Excited to keep going!

— EH

I just wanted to share great progress this week. We’ve seen a great improvement in her eczema!

— EH


I struggled with itchy rashes. My skin felt hot and I scratched the most at night. At its worst, I could not put anything on my skin and even stopped using soap. The only thing that was soothing for my skin was clay so I would mix water with clay and rub it all over my legs and arms to get some relief.

I tried some diet changes and some supplements, which helped a little bit, but they didn’t solve the problem.

I wanted to find the root cause of why this was happening so that I could heal my skin, and stop the discomfort.

That’s when I found Jennifer. Her approach to finding the root cause of the problem was what I was looking for.

We started working together in April 2020. In just over a month my skin was starting to look better! It wasn’t as dry and flaky, and the tingling and burning stopped. By July 2020 my rashes were fading away and the dryness and flakiness continued to improve. By August 2020 everything was falling into place, and by October 2020 I felt better than I had in the past 2 years!

Now, in January 2021, I’m feeling good about my skin! The itch and rashes are gone! What a difference. I’m so glad I took this approach, and that I found Jennifer to help guide me through it!

— Perla Estrada


This is the best his skin has been, and he’s able to eat foods again like avocado, baby spinach, and frozen berries. In the past, there was no way he could eat these foods without going into a major flare!

— ET

There are still stubborn areas, but I’ve noticed his skin has gotten soft and almost 100% clear on his stomach, except near his neck from a drool rash!


 My son developed terrible rashes around 7 months old. He had them on his arms and back, but his face got very bad very quickly. I first took him to the pediatrician, who told me to use specific soap (which didn't help), and steroid cream, which helped initially. Once I stopped steroid cream, the rashes came right back. Then, I took him to a dermatologist, who prescribed another steroid cream, and I wasn't comfortable using it on his face. I did a lot of my own research, and I learned a lot about gut health and how it can affect the skin. That's when I came across Jennifer.

She wanted to get to the root of the problem and asked a lot of questions specific to my son, and we did a stool sample, which gave a lot of insight into what was going on.

I was a little nervous at first about giving him all of the supplements she recommended based on his test results. Jennifer explained each to me in detail and reassured me about the safety and efficacy of them for healing his gut in order to heal his skin.

It wasn't an overnight process. I am so happy, though, that after working with Jennifer for just over a year, his face is completely clear, and he has no rashes on his body at all!

Jennifer held my hand each step of the way and took the time to develop a specific plan for my child. She was patient and answered all the questions I had. I would highly recommend Jennifer!


Her legs look great! Her skin is stronger, it doesn't break as easily, and it's not as thin as it was before we started her plan. She's also growing and gaining weight! 

-Maureen D 

He's been doing fantastic, and his skin is beautiful. Even during the winter, we've hardly had to use any prescription creams on him!


After nearly a year of worsening eczema and other skin issues in our sweet 4-year-old daughter, I felt completely discouraged. No cream, ointment, dietary restriction, apple cider vinegar bath, or even probiotic seemed to fix it.

We found our way to Jennifer, who offered an incredible support system, coupled with extensive knowledge, and most importantly, determination and persistence to figure out the root cause issue and address it.

Within two months, we saw a drastic reduction in skin rashes and skin health overall, as well as significant anxiety reduction. She not only identified gut dysbiosis but also demonstrated great attention to detail, which led to healing we had not thought possible.

None of our daughter’s progress could have been possible without Jennifer’s help, and compassionate support. We are so grateful for her!

— Greta




I don’t think his skin has ever looked better! It is truly hard for me to even talk about, I’m kind of waiting for the ball to drop and him to have a bad flare again.

Right now, I am overjoyed to say the least!

He is happy, his skin is very clear, we’ve come so far already!

Thank you, Jennifer, is all I can say.

I’m realizing how traumatized I have been by all this because it’s hard for me to even type this email, I’m so afraid to acknowledge the improvements because I can’t believe it!

For now, happy tears. Thank you!

— LF



Her before picture brings back all the hardships we went through in the beginning. It was such a difficult time for her and us as parents to see her suffering. 

I cannot believe the progress she has made! 

Healing has not always been easy. There have been ups and downs. Times when we would see progress and times when there would be a slight regression. But with patience and trust in the protocol, we have seen great gains in her healing! 

Seeing the before and afters makes me want to cry, happy tears, though. Thank you, Jennifer, so much for helping us and giving us answers when no one else could!

-Katrina U



The first picture is from January 2022, just as we were starting our journey with Jennifer to get to the root cause of, and resolve, our daughter's eczema. The middle picture is from March 2023, and the bottom is from May 2023. 

We are thrilled that she is doing so well! Aside from a stubborn spot on the back of one of her knees we are still working on (it used to be behind both), her skin now looks great! 

She's not itchy or scratching anymore, her belly isn't bloated, and her bowel movements have improved. 

She's eating great, we are expanding her diet, and we are seeing other benefits, too, like her improved playfulness and energy levels. 

Our daughter's progress even made our pediatrician a believer in an approach that didn't rely on steroid creams!

Jennifer gave us support, guidance, and expertise throughout this journey, and having her hold our hand helped us navigate the stress and anxiety that being a parent of a child with eczema causes. 

We can't thank Jennifer enough for how she's helped our daughter and our family.

-Alex C


Her skin has been looking AMAZING, like seriously amazing! It was practically cleared with a few flared areas on her arms (in the crease) here and there, but nothing that couldn’t be contained and able to go away! She even had an entire month where she didn't itch!

- AN

This is my 5 yo son, that had eczema over every part of his body when we first started the healing journey with Jennifer in November 2020. [The after photos are from August 2022].

He has since come a long way. He has gone from waking up 3-5 times every night to no longer waking up from the itching and pain.

He's eating more foods too, ones he couldn't eat before!

Without Jennifer, we would never be where we are today. ⁠

-Emily T⁠

Thank you, Jennifer, for this miracle! She was in a bad place before we started working with you, as you can see. We are so grateful our daughter is past this miserable point in her life and that she can now grow up healthy, happy, and itch and pain-free.

-Lindsey (mom) 

We are so happy about our daughter's progress. My parents (her grandparents) keep saying, "She's cured!" We can't thank you enough, Jennifer, for helping us get to the root cause of the problem and for your support and guidance on this journey. We have our little girl back!

-Lindsey for her 4 1/2-year-old daughter

The back of her legs cleared! It happened quickly, too, as we started the foundational recommendations offered in the group program (Conquer Your Child's Rashes).

She used to not want to wear shorts, and this summer, she finally can. She's also tolerating probiotics, which she could never do before.

We are so happy with how her skin is improving!

-Erin, mom of a 10-year-old girl struggling with eczema and food allergies

 Before working with Jennifer, my daughter couldn’t sleep through the night. She was struggling with incontinence, constipation, and the most challenging of all, endless itchiness. She would often scratch her skin until she bled, and she was miserable in her skin.

I loved that Jennifer uses supplements to support the body in its own healing journey and doesn't rely on elimination diets, topical steroids, etc., and that drew me into wanting to work with her to heal my daughter.

I was hesitant at first because I wasn’t sure if this would work. We had invested money into so many products and various appointments and bloodwork before, and there were no real results to show for it. I was afraid this would be the same.

I am so glad we enlisted Jennifer's help!

My daughter is more confident in her skin now! She is wearing short sleeve shirts, shorts, and dresses without hesitation or fear of getting too itchy or showing her “boo-boos.”

She is sleeping more comfortably and getting full nights of rest now.

Not having to watch my daughter suffer every single day of her life has been the biggest blessing!

Working with Jennifer can totally change your life, too!

She is extremely knowledgeable in what she does. She was so empathetic and supportive of my and my daughter’s experience.

I followed her on social media for about a year before working with her, and my only regret is that I didn’t begin working with her sooner!

-Caitlin M, mom to a 5-year-old girl with eczema

I was overwhelmed as a first-time mother, and to add uncontrolled eczema to the mix, I absolutely felt defeated. Our former pediatrician and dermatologist kept prescribing higher-potency steroids, which made my daughter's eczema worse. And I don’t even know how much money I spent on all the creams/balms they offered out there.

Finding Jennifer was a God sent! From our initial introduction call, I could already sense that Jennifer truly cares and has a passion for finding the root cause of every child’s eczema, and I was beyond excited to get started!

With Jennifer’s expertise, guidance, and reassurance throughout the whole process, we successfully found the root cause, and my daughter’s eczema improved within months! If you were to look at my daughter now, you would have never guessed she was covered in eczema.

She can finally sleep through the night without the terror of constant itch, and her skin is clear. 

If you're wondering if you should work with Jennifer, just DO it! It will be life-changing!

I can’t thank you enough, Jennifer! We need more people like you in the world!


My son developed what looked like a big pimple below the left corner of his mouth and it wouldn't go away. It worsened into multiple smaller bumps/pimples that persisted in that area, with reddened underlying skin.

Then, the rash started to cover an increasingly larger area under the left side of his mouth. Next, it spread to the right side, then began to circle his mouth, and the bumps started to spread near his nose.

He also began to develop red, sore areas that burned and caused him a lot of discomfort.

We were told it was perioral dermatitis. Prescription creams suppressed most of the trouble spots, but that wasn't an acceptable long-term solution for us. 


We found Jennifer and are so grateful we did!

After getting the right testing done and following the plan she created for us, my son is doing great!

The bumps are gone, and the redness has continued to decrease.

We are so happy with the results we are seeing!


We've made progress! His skin is not cracking anymore, he's a lot less red, and people are noticing the improvements! 

We can actually see normal skin poking through, and it feels like actual skin.

I can now touch, hug, and kiss my son's face without it being painful for him. 

At the beginning of the school year, he would hide in the bathroom at school to scratch. His teacher told us he's not doing that anymore! He even wore short sleeves to school. 

We've also added more foods to his diet, and his sleep has improved, too.

I can't wait for more healing for my son!


Merry Christmas, Jennifer! Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help and guidance!! She was able to wear a Christmas dress all day yesterday with no itching. Best Christmas gift yet has been her healing! 

First time since June she's been able to wear a dress!


I found Jennifer in mid-September 2023 and started implementing a few basic staple supplements from her website.

We started working with her privately soon after and first met with her in October 2023 to develop our son's personalized plan. 

I can't thank Jennifer enough for helping our son. It's hard to look back on the before pictures. However, it reminds me of how blessed we were to have found her and her methods. It brings grateful tears to my eyes.

The before pictures are when we were using antihistamines and steroids. Since September 2023, he's been off all meds, eating a lot more foods, and his skin is clear!

Thank you, Jennifer, for your hard work, education, and research for our eczema children. You literally saved my sanity by helping my son.

- Candice

It was so hard to see my daughter have constantly irritated skin and scratch so much that she would bleed. She’s such a little child, my heart was broken, and nothing I tried was solving the problem.

Steroids helped immediately, but unfortunately, they are just a bandaid, and I really wanted to address the root cause of the problem. As a mother, I felt defeated and at fault because I couldn’t fully make her eczema go away.

Now, I’m happy to say that she’s improved so much!

We've been following the plan Jennifer created for my daughter for about 12 weeks, and her skin is about 90%-95% better! Her skin looks great, and it is now smooth to the touch (like a baby’s skin should be).

Her digestion is great now, and she's having healthy daily bowel movements.

We’ve even been able to wean off of the supplements on her plan, and her results have been maintained.

We are absolutely thrilled that our daughter is doing so well!

-CB for her 2-year-old daughter

Our son had severe eczema and food allergies. 

His skin was so irritated. His body was covered with eczema, and his legs were the worst. He had a rough time sleeping because he was so itchy. He was miserable!

We were looking for a natural approach to help heal our son. We certainly didn't want to rely on steroid creams and other bandaid solutions that weren't solving the problem. That's when we found Jennifer.

We loved that Jennifer’s experience focused on children and their specific needs, her targeted approach, and getting to the root cause of our son’s skin issues by reviewing GI tests and using natural supplements and foods to heal his gut. She was very helpful, great at troubleshooting different imbalances using natural approaches, and was available to help during flare-ups or illness.

Since working with Jennifer, our son's skin has significantly improved. He isn’t itchy and sleeps great!! He is much happier overall, and our family’s quality of life has significantly improved, too!

We had a great experience! Jennifer is a wealth of knowledge, and we have seen amazing results during our time together. We look forward to using the maintenance plan she gave us and seeing continued improvements!

Jennifer is your go-to resource if your child is suffering from skin problems! We can't thank her enough for changing our lives.

-Emily L

I'm so pleased with the results my son is getting it makes me want to cry. Before we started working with Jennifer, he was itchy all the time and none of us were sleeping. We tried steroid creams, bleach baths, wet wraps, dabbled in acupressure and TCM, and avoided foods that were triggering for him. None of it solved the problem. 

About 7 weeks into the plan Jennifer created for him, we started to see improvements! Six nights in a row he slept, waking either 0-1 time. This has never happened. 

He's been eating tomato sauce, lasagne, and even pizza with red sauce without flares and itching. It's like magic.

His rash flares aren't as severe as they were when we started, and they don't happen as often. We are finally getting a handle on it.

His progress so far has been amazing!


I can see a whole new child! She's energetic, yet calmer and not as defiant. Her skin is improving, she's pooping daily which is huge, eating like a champ, and has even gained weight!

Jennifer, we can't thank you enough for your support and guidance, and we can't wait for our daughter's continued improvements!


The results I’ve seen in my son’s skin have been life-changing. It brings tears to my eyes.

He can be a normal kid, and even wear shorts now because his legs are no longer covered with rashes that he would scratch until bloody. He’s free!

Not knowing what to do, and going to dermatologists and pediatricians was so traumatic.

All I was told was that he’d have to live with his rashes.

I couldn’t accept this, I refused to give up.

I researched and researched, and came across Jennifer. Now I can’t wait to see our doctors and tell them how well he is doing!

I used to worry about every single thing... is he going to scratch? Will it get infected? Is it going to bleed? What can I feed him that’s safe?

Not only are his rashes no longer an issue, but I’ve also been able to significantly expand his diet. Significantly!

Had I given up, none of this would have been the case.

I am so grateful to have found Jennifer to hold my hand, and guide me on this journey to help my son be free of his rashes and the debilitating symptoms they caused!

— Jessica

We need more Jennifer Brands in the world! Jennifer has been my anchor and support system while we were battling through my daughter’s eczema which she had since she was a newborn.

Unfortunately, I went through the dangerous path of going on an elimination diet because I was exclusively breastfeeding my daughter. Even with that, her eczema was not getting any better.

I found Jennifer Brand through the recommendation of one of the moms in a Facebook group, and I knew that Jennifer was the answer to my prayers. She is so knowledgeable, and such an expert in her field. I was confident that she knew the root of the problem, and that we could tackle the issue together.

Jennifer is always professional and yet so friendly and approachable. Even through our times of uncertainty, she always made sure that I felt secure and confident in our journey together.

I can now say, after about 9 months of working together, my daughter is flare-up and scratch-free, and has been living her best toddler life.

I even work with Jennifer on my own gut health, so that I can be the healthiest and strongest (immune system-wise) version of myself.

I am very grateful for Jennifer and her expertise. I honestly wish there were more Jennifer Brands for everyone!

— Carol

After only 8 weeks on the plan, I'm starting to feel better!

My sleep has improved, I actually had a night where I slept 6 hours, and I even slept a couple of nights in a row.

I'm digesting my food better and I'm less gassy and bloated. The most exciting improvement so far is that I'm tolerating more foods!

Eight weeks ago I couldn't eat almonds and certain veggies without getting itchy and flaring. Now that doesn't happen.

I'm eating at ease, it's amazing.


Our daughter’s eczema is healed! The rashes on her arms and wrists are GONE, her legs are ECZEMA-FREE, and we no longer depend on hydrocortisone cream to manage her symptoms.

We made so much progress through working with Jennifer, clearing our daughter’s parasites, and working on her gut health. We also increased her intake of protein and collagen-rich foods and found that getting sun exposure to boost her vitamin D levels really helped her skin improve too.

She has had an occasional flare, which hasn’t been nearly as bad as before we worked with Jennifer, and we’ve been able to manage the symptoms by just applying moisturizer. It’s such a huge difference!

Thank you, Jennifer, for everything! Your work with us has changed our daughter’s life for the better!

— Nora

My son struggled with constipation, extreme nausea after eating (which I noticed was worse when he ate higher histamine foods, especially during ragweed/pollen season), food and environmental allergies, food sensitivities, and anxiety that correlated with what he was eating and his nausea.

Before we started working with Jennifer, we worked with another practitioner and tried diet changes and different supplements. The changes we made helped, but they weren’t sustainable, and they weren’t addressing the root cause of the problem. I also didn’t want to continue to restrict his already shrinking diet.

We started working with Jennifer in February of 2021. The protocol was very practical for our lifestyle and I never had to remove any foods from his diet. Jennifer was great at instantly getting back to me with any questions and a big bonus is that my kids loved speaking with her!

Now in September 2021, my son is doing great! He feels so much better, doesn’t complain about his stomach anymore, sleeps better (and sleeps in, he used to wake up between 5-5:30 am and now can sleep until 7), he is happier, more confident, isn’t bloated, and he looks better too! Foods that used to bother him and cause symptoms don’t anymore!

We are thrilled that our son is doing so well!

— Heather

After suffering from stomach and digestive issues for the better part of the past 30 years, Jennifer has changed my life.

I was diagnosed with IBS as a teenager and more recently with SIBO. I was in pain every single day. Every day I had a combination of cramps, bloating, gas pains, diarrhea, and constipation.

We tested my gut health, and Jennifer drew up a plan for me. It has been a lifesaver. Within 10 weeks I can honestly say that I have not had any pain since we started.

Along with the pain I was experiencing major bloating and swelling in my stomach, legs, and arms. That has all gone away!!

I also go to the bathroom regularly now, which I don’t think I have ever done.

I feel like a new person.

If you are having any gut issues I strongly encourage you to talk to Jennifer to get life-changing results!!

— Karen G

Within two months she has stopped scratching like crazy all day every day, and she is able to sleep without being swaddled.

I can take off the sleeves for 5-10 minutes which is more than what it was before, which was less than a minute before she tried to scratch her ears and face.

The lesions behind her ears are gone.

Her skin is not weeping anymore. I no longer have to apply zinc oxide every single day.

— YG

Quick progress update... we went camping this past weekend, and for the first time EVER, he did not flare, get hives or have a reaction of any kind!! He slept through the night and felt great. He played in the trees and had a fire.

Yesterday I asked him if his protocol smoothie made him feel better and he said, “Yes, my tummy doesn’t hurt anymore”!

His face is looking better, and people have been commenting. He is less itchy, and I’ve noticed that his ankles and wrists aren’t as angry. We are 2 days into week 3 of the protocol, and so excited for the next 6 weeks!

— Sarah

At 3 months old, my baby developed eczema. It started in the folds of her elbows and knees, and then it spread. She also developed hives when we introduced eggs and dairy.

We took foods out of the diet but that didn’t stop the eczema. It felt overwhelming to figure this out on my own, especially because I didn’t know what would be safe for a baby.

I wanted to see my daughter grow up strong and healthy, not chronically battling skin irritation and food reactions.

I came across Jennifer, and I liked her natural approach to addressing the root cause, and that she’s had a lot of experience with children and babies.

We got started with our action plan for my daughter in December 2020. I started seeing improvements pretty quickly, and by March 2021, her eczema was 95% better!!! Even on hotter days when I expected flares, she was ok! At the end of our program with Jennifer in May 2021, it had been months since we’d seen any eczema on her.

It was a blessing to find Jennifer and have her help us through this!

— Vanessa

I am not exaggerating when I say, I didn’t allow treats for him in the last year. I think he got one or two rice Krispy treats at birthday parties (for his birthday and for his sister’s). A couple of weeks ago we allowed him to have one gluten-free cookie. He was in heaven!

Last Easter he was covered in a rash. I was scared to give him even allergy-free chocolate! I did and the next day I regretted it. We had just started our journey to figuring out what was happening with his body.

With how well his skin has been, including when adding new foods to his diet, I see it as evidence to support he is getting better. Hoping that the fear of food will eventually subside in my mind. It’s a conscious effort for me for sure.

I approached this Easter differently. I chose snacks I felt he could likely handle based on the ingredients and stuffed eggs with them! We also had a birthday celebration, so we had rice Krispy treats. Just like every other kid should be able to, I allowed him to indulge in the fun of Easter treats. I was scared. I was concerned, but also stood on faith that his body was going to do what it was designed to do and eliminate how it should! He had Enjoy Life Chocolate, Smarties, gluten-free bunny cookies, rice Krispy treats, cotton candy, and ham (with a glaze—we have only been using salt on his food)!

In my book, that was a huge day!

I’m not one to load the kids up on sugar, never have been. And it won’t be a common thing. But, it was nice to see him just be normal!

I haven’t even seen one spot on his skin today! It’s life-changing! I am so incredibly thankful.

— Jessica

When my daughter was 6 months old, she developed eczema (worse spots were her cheeks and back of her knees). She was consistently scratching. During the night it was particularly bad. To prevent her scratching I slept beside her and held her hands all night to help her be able to sleep.

For a year I did constant research and implemented every change I came across. I changed her clothes to all organic cotton, bought mattress and pillowcase protectors, bought an air purifier, tried salt therapy, tried elimination diets, had food sensitivity testing, tried 20-30 different creams and lotions as well as different supplements. I worked with a naturopath and even moved as our apartment had dampness and water leak issues and I was concerned this was contributing. Despite the above, her eczema did not go away.

When my daughter was 18 months old, I found Jennifer. We started our protocol in March 2020. By April the eczema on her cheeks was improving and almost completely gone. By July the eczema on her legs had improved by 40%, she was sleeping well, and not waking up scratching. By September the improvements were massive - the back of her knees and cheeks were clear and you would have never known the eczema was there. Now in January 2021, my daughter’s eczema is completely gone!

I am beyond grateful and thankful I found Jennifer to guide us and if anyone is thinking about working with her I highly recommend you go for it - she is a miracle worker!

— Leah

My son struggled with rashes and allergies. The rashes started a few days after birth, and he also had reflux as a baby.

My daughter had severe anxiety regarding doctors and sickness and also struggled with stomach pain and constipation.

I tried so many different things to help them, it became overwhelming. Elimination diets, air, and water filters, natural household and skincare products, the list goes on. Nothing I tried solved the problems we were having. I knew there was something deeper going on, for both of them, that we just weren’t getting to the bottom of.

That’s when I started searching for answers and found Jennifer.

She explained that food and external, environmental triggers weren’t the root cause of the problem, they simply triggered the symptoms my children were experiencing.

I loved her approach, which was to explore gut health because I suspected gut problems were involved for both of them.

We did functional stool testing, and Jennifer created protocols to address the findings.

My son’s rashes were gone after a few months on his protocol, and his behavior improved as well!

After a few months, my daughter was feeling noticeably better too, her anxiety improved, and she hadn’t asked me if she had a fever in weeks!

As we continued on their protocols, their symptoms continued to improve!

My children are doing so much better. Working with Jennifer helped tremendously, and I’m grateful for her expertise and support. She has been a blessing to our family!

— Marcie C.

Our son had been struggling with skin rashes and food allergies. We wanted to identify root causes, optimize his health, and have a personalized plan to rebalance his gut because we knew this was playing a role in the symptoms he was having.

That’s when we found Jennifer.

Through gut testing, we identified imbalances, and Jennifer helped us develop a plan to address them.

Overall our son is doing very well, and his skin is looking great! We are continuing to follow Jennifer’s recommendations and given the improvements so far, we are hopeful he will continue to get better!

We so appreciate Jennifer’s time and expertise and more importantly the SUPPORT she gave me during an incredibly difficult time. It’s hard for other people to understand what it’s like having such a small human struggling so much unless you’ve been there. It’s rough and doctors often don’t have the time to give the support parents need. So THANK YOU THANK YOU! We truly can’t thank Jennifer enough!

— Karla

We will never forget the day, Wednesday, April 4, 2018. That was the day we gave our daughter (7 months at the time), an antibiotic because she had a staph infection in a cut she got on her finger. One day into taking the antibiotic, we woke up to find that our sweet girl was covered from head to toe in oozy, red, and inflamed eczema. We immediately stopped the antibiotic, but it had already done its damage and her skin would never be the same.

This started us on a journey that no one would have guessed would be so challenging.

We took her to doctor after doctor, hoping that someone might have an idea to help her. We were committed to not wanting to use steroids and were convinced that there must be something that would fix a root cause. Different doctors recommended taking out different foods or trying different creams or baths. Some doctors recommended certain herbs, but nothing was helping.

When she turned 1 we had hit our limit. I was wearing her all day long in a baby carrier and then my husband would come home from work and start wearing her. She could not stop scratching and crying, we were all miserable.

We decided to look further and found an “eczema specialist” who was confident she could help. She put my daughter on the most extreme of diets. Her belief was that we needed to eliminate everything potentially inflammatory, and once her eczema cleared we could start reintroducing foods.

That day never came.

We took out food after food after food. All the while this doctor was convinced that we just needed to take out the right combination.

My daughter was down to eating only some veggies, bone broth, and was allowed to have white fish every few days. She did not get better. In fact, she became lethargic and we knew we needed to stop this course of action.

We tried everything.

Baths of all types and frequencies, organic clothing, making our own detergents and soaps, eating organically, water filters, every type of lotion you can think of, daily sun time, different combinations of foods, religiously documenting everything she ate and the daily state of her eczema. etc. All the while, she was scratching herself raw every moment she was not being watched or held. We purchased “scratch preventing” mittens but she figured out how to give herself rugburns by just grasping her clothing through the mittens and rubbing for hours. We even put on ski gloves under them.

My husband had to sleep next to her crib at night and I would lay next to her during her nap, holding her hand the whole time to help her not scratch.

Every second of the day we were not actively helping her, she would dig her nails into her skin so deeply, we would have to do wound care to recover.

And she was miserable.

I remember feeling like I didn’t even know my daughter – all I knew was this version of her in constant pain.

She would rub her legs back and forth in her crib bars and scream, “I want my legs to stop doing that!”

We would trim her nails, but she would just rub with the tips of her fingers until she ended up getting blisters on the top of all her fingers!

I filled all my time researching, listening to podcasts, and trying to learn as much as I could about how to help her. That is how we found Jennifer.

I was intrigued by the idea that food wasn’t a root cause, but a trigger.

It made so much sense to me that an unhealthy gut wouldn’t absorb foods well and would also lead to more food intolerances.

I LOVED the idea of getting my daughter to eat more foods again.

We were thrilled with the idea of functional laboratory testing because we didn’t want to “shoot in the dark” anymore.

This path has still not been a quick fix. We are over 9 months into the process with Jennifer, and I expect it will be at least a full year or year and a half.

At this point, my daughter’s eczema is livable!

She still scratches, but instead of trying to scratch 1000 times a day, it is probably 30 times.!

We are very thankful that we finally found someone who could help our daughter, and expand her diet at the same time!

My daughter is actually starting to enjoy her childhood and we are definitely loving it! Thank you, Jennifer!

— Jessica

I had been struggling with psoriasis, mainly on my scalp, for more than 30 years. It has covered up to 80% of my scalp with 1/8 inch thick lesions. I also had joint pain that came and went, for seemingly no reason, some digestive symptoms, and issues with hair loss.

I needed help to get to the next level because I had done what I felt I could on my own. I knew diet alone wasn’t the answer (I had tried a variety of diet changes), because if it was, the problem would have been solved.

Then I found Jennifer! We looked at what was happening in my gut, and sure enough, I had a variety of imbalances. Jennifer explained the connections between gut problems and the health concerns I had. She developed a protocol to address the imbalances, and even accounted for the extensive travel I do so that I could stay on track with the recommendations while on trips. We tracked my progress along the way, which also helped me stay on track.

With Jennifer’s guidance and support, I’ve had a level of improvement that I didn’t think possible. My plaques have significantly improved. I can now wear black, and not worry about my clothes being covered with flakes from my scalp. My joints are feeling good, my hair isn’t falling out visibly anymore and has thickened back up, and my toenail fungus is even gone!

— Darlene

My daughter had eczema on the back of her knees, and I was concerned that she may have had some gut problems because her stools were very loose. We did a food sensitivity test with another practitioner, eliminated all the foods she was identified as being sensitive to, and added some supplements that were recommended. This seemed to help make her stools more solid, but only for a short time, and her skin issue became worse. I was never able to put my finger on any particular food that was causing problems. After this didn’t work, I took her to a ton of doctors and dermatologists, but no one seemed to have a solution. I was starting to become very concerned that we would never figure this out.

I knew that I needed to go another route in order to help my daughter, and that’s when I was referred to Jennifer. She explained that food sensitivities were not the root cause of my daughter’s skin problems, and that we needed to take a closer look at what was happening in her gut. When we did, we found inflammation, problems with digestion, and imbalances of her gut bacteria.

Jennifer created a protocol to address the findings, and supported us throughout the process. She was always available to answer any questions I had. My daughter’s skin is now clear and her stools aren’t loose like they were. I am so grateful that we were introduced to Jennifer and could not be happier with the results!

— Ashlee

My daughter had constant red, itchy skin on her arms, neck and scalp.

I wanted to see her able to enjoy life without constantly scratching her arms and to play soccer without having the sweat burn when it hit her irritated skin.

We tried gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free for about 9 months, and that seemed to help at first. We also tried a variety of testing and supplements. None of it resolved her rashes, they kept flaring.

I’m so glad we found Jennifer. She helped support and guide us. We did new testing, and a thorough review of my daughter’s history, and our concerns. Jennifer developed our protocol to address what we found, including nutrient needs and gut problems.

By following the protocol Jennifer created for us, my daughter’s scalp is clear, her arms are almost clear, and all that is left on her neck is a small stubborn patch. We have a little ways to go, but it’s amazing now to pick her up after school and to see her not scratching constantly! 

I’m so glad Jennifer helped us get on the right track to beat my daughter’s skin rashes.

— Tara

When I found Jennifer, I was extremely tired with body aches, a sore throat, and abdominal discomfort nearly all of the time. I couldn’t work, focus, make plans for the future, dream and create, spend much time with friends, support the communities I am a part of, travel, or move forward with my hopes and dreams. My health affected every part of my life, as I had been forced to spend about 80% of the previous 3 and ½ months in bed.

I felt that there were nutrient/vitamin/bacterial imbalances and deficiencies of some sort in my gut, as well as leaky gut syndrome, perhaps due to recent parasitic infections and heavy antibiotic treatments. I felt like my immune system was attacking itself, I seemed to have developed some food intolerances and was on a very restricted diet.

Since working with Jennifer, I’m feeling a lot better! I’m not spending my days in bed, I don’t have to lie down to take a nap every day, my throat soreness and discomfort are much milder (even not noticeable most days), my headaches are gone, my muscle aches are only occasional, I’m not waking up every day in pain, and I’m adding foods back into my diet!

With Jennifer, we identified imbalances and deficiencies, addressed them, and rebuilt my gut. For so long I felt unsupported and failed by Western medicine. Then I found Jennifer and got the support I needed, what a huge blessing.

— Nick

I am really ecstatic about doing better! I had a severe case of eczema which included weeping, bleeding in some cases, cracked, burning and itchy skin. After working with Jennifer for the past 9 months, my condition has drastically improved.

I had trouble sleeping, showering, and just going through day to day activities without having some complications of my eczema. I made multiple trips to urgent care just to get something to temporarily give me relief. Now, I am able to go throughout the day without having really any of those troubles, and while there were many times I couldn’t imagine life without constantly monitoring my condition or sleeping with sheets on the couch to soak some of the fluid leaking from my skin, I have improved 80-90% so far since working with Jennifer, and it is truly life changing. And all without prescription medications.

You want this woman working for you if getting better from a number of conditions is something you are looking for. She has two masters degrees in public health and nutrition and she is every bit of a science nerd. She loves learning, reading, and pouring over information. Jennifer was super prepared for my case, and for everything. She had primary plans, and then she also had secondary plans. Her pursuit for helping me improve was relentless.

She is super accessible to answer questions and comments, she understands the difficulties you live with, and wants nothing more than to help you feel better. I could not recommend anyone more highly than I would recommend Jennifer.

I also concurrently see and allergy doctor who has been practicing for 15+ years and I would hear some of the recommendations from my doctor, and I would tell my doctor that Jennifer had already suggested it.

Jennifer is an amazing clinical nutritionist, and I strongly consider her a friend. She is truly ultra prepared, and on top of everything. You will be in the best possible hands working with Jennifer.

— Ryan

After not getting anywhere with conventional and homeopathic medicine, I decided to work with Jennifer Brand to help resolve chronic skin pain issues and hair loss. She is a very kind, compassionate, thorough and knowledgeable nutritionist who offered great and effective advice. With Jennifer’s guidance, my skin pain has significantly improved. When I began working with her, I had a rash around my mouth that would burn. That rash is gone. I also struggle with PMDD, and I haven’t had symptoms in a few months now. My overall outlook about my health is more positive that it has been in a long time, and I’m eating more foods! I am grateful for Jennifer’s help in my healing journey.

— Vanessa

My son has had behavioral problems, food sensitivities and various rashes from his scalp to his feet for more than 7 years. He has been taken to a variety of professionals, from pediatricians to dermatologists to neurologists to psychiatrists to holistic and functional medicine doctors. I also researched quite extensively myself and implemented various treatments and diet changes, with minimal improvement. Then we found Jennifer and everything turned around.

After thoroughly reviewing his most recent lab work, Jennifer pointed out severe problems with his gut (dysbiosis) as the likely underlying cause of his conditions, and came up with a personalized plan to address his gut first, which has already led to dramatic improvements in his behavior, anxiety, and the appearance of his rashes.

She also made several suggestions for natural, topical interventions, which have further helped his skin to heal.

My husband and I cannot thank Jennifer enough for her guidance as we continue to walk through this healing journey with our son.

— Amy

We are amazed at how much his skin has improved so far! His rashes are fading and the itching has gotten much better.

His feet are a trouble area, and we’ve had to keep socks on him for the past 6 months to prevent him from scratching his skin raw. Now he can go for some time without socks!

His worst spots now look clear most of the time.

Working with Jennifer was a desperate attempt and now I feel like it’s a miracle that his skin is so much better.

Jennifer was amazingly supportive to work with all the way through.

We’re so grateful that she does this work because having a child with eczema was devastating and so stressful.

— NN


When I found Jennifer my initial concerns were chronic skin issues that doctors couldn’t figure out, including general practitioners, dermatologists, allergists, acupuncturists, or neurologists.

Through various tests, we’ve uncovered several food allergies, including gluten sensitivity, which I would’ve never suspected could be the underlying cause. From removing those foods from my diet combined with supplements, I have seen improvement in my skin and more importantly, my levels are all now within a healthy range. My cholesterol dropped by 30 points, my blood sugars are within a normal range (instead of a high range, borderline pre-diabetic) and my general inflammation is under control.

Jennifer is well informed, well researched, and totally committed to my health and will stop at nothing to find a solution to what ails me.

— Julie

I have the deepest respect for Jennifer’s empathy and knowledge for figuring out complex health issues that frustrate her clients to no end.

For the past few years, Jennifer has been one of my key nutritional advisors on very complicated cases seeing patterns and issues that elude most other less seasoned practitioners.

If you’re looking for help to figure out what the heck is wrong with your skin or digestive system, I highly recommend Jennifer as your go-to support!

— Jennifer Fugo, CNS, Founder of, Host of the Healthy Skin Show

I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience with Jennifer Brand.

I was at a point in life where it was time to take hold of my health and make some true lifestyle changes.

I needed to lose weight, was pre-diabetic, had high cholesterol levels, regular headaches, and reflux problems most of my life for which my doctor wanted me to take acid-blocking medications.

Jennifer was so attentive as she guided me through this process of using diet, lifestyle, and nutrient supplement interventions to resolve my health problems, and I met my goals! I’m at my goal weight, my blood sugar and lipid levels are in normal ranges, my headaches and reflux are gone, and I’m not taking any medications!”

She provided a detailed and thorough analysis of my individual needs followed by recommendations and made it as easy as clicking a button to order my needed supplements and other items.

Jennifer took the time to listen to my story and my needs and created a plan that supported my lifestyle, not just a cookie-cutter plan.

She continued to follow up with me, cheer my accomplishments, and help me work through my setbacks. She educated me and guided me to a healthy lifestyle that is realistic to maintain and works for me.

— Jessica

I started working with Jennifer to take control of my skin issues, be more knowledgeable about what’s can trigger eczema and staph infections, identify root causes and prevent recurrences of staph and eczema flares I struggle with.

Jennifer recommended some diet changes, we did some functional testing to see what was happening in my gut (Jennifer explained how skin problems are rooted in gut problems), and then she created a protocol for me to follow to address the imbalances we identified.

I am feeling good, and I can definitely see a difference in my skin! It’s very smooth now with barely any bumps, and I no longer need to use my antibacterial and antimicrobial skincare products! I’ve also seen an increase in muscle mass!

I’m glad I found Jennifer to help guide me to meeting my goals!

— Art

Jennifer is truly amazing! She has helped me so much to improve my quality of life.

I’ve had joint problems for some time now and it got to the point where I couldn’t even do my regular yoga practice anymore, which was extremely frustrating to me. I didn’t want the aching of my body to take over my life and be limited. So I decided to take action. I met with Jennifer who came highly recommended to me. 

After meeting with Jennifer for the first time I could tell right away that she was the perfect person and the right approach for me. Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable and she truly cares. She was able to identify quickly what contributed to my joint pain.

We talked about changes to make to my diet, and she gave me a customized supplement protocol to make a yummy smoothie out of, which I have been drinking for the last six months.

I noticed a change in my body within the first week of using the supplements and I’m able to work out again and do yoga without limitations. This is a true gift!

Jennifer made me realize again the importance of what we eat and do on a daily basis. You are what you eat! I can’t thank you enough, Jennifer. You are the best!

— Christine

For more than 40 years I struggled with constipation. Sometimes I wouldn’t go for weeks.

Then I found Jennifer!

She helped me identify what foods were causing the problem and WHY they were causing problems in the first place.

Jennifer guided my journey to better health, taught me what to eat, and understood from the very beginning that something deeper was driving the problem.

She has been my mentor, my coach, and has held my hand in down moments, celebrations, and laughs. She showed me that a healthy lifestyle is about more than just eating the right foods and that everything is connected. 

I can’t thank her enough!

— Inma

Jennifer, THANKS to you I’m feeling great because my body is on an amazing journey.

My poop is regular, and I’m not constipated anymore. My body is responding in a great way, and my mind is focused (which links to the next thank you).

THANKS to you I’m seeing an acupuncturist, every week and doing an amazing job on balancing my body energy. The results are great for my mindset.

THANKS to you I’m enrolled in a course called Speak & Inspire. Because you showed me how important is to speak up and as a result my relationship is better and my relationship with the world is better!

THANKS to that (and to you) I have been offered a better position, which will bring more quality into my life in that it will give me more time, which I will use to care even more for myself and for the ones I love. And all that in just a few months.

You have given me the eyes that I needed to see the stars and I can’t be more thankful!

— Inma

Working with Jennifer has been informative and extremely helpful. She is very knowledgeable about nutrition, and knows all the latest scientific literature, which is important to me. With her help, I’ve made some pretty big leaps to get back on the right track with my health! 

I was able to lose weight, improve my blood sugar levels, and increase my energy levels.

Jennifer taught me how health begins in the gut, and in fact we did some functional testing and found that I had an overgrowth of candida in my gut.

It was once we started addressing my gut health that the pieces fell into place and I started getting the results I was hoping for. In addition to losing some weight, getting my blood sugar levels normalized, and increasing my energy, I also saw improvements in my rosacea!

— Tony

Jennifer is thoughtful, detail-oriented, and extremely well-informed.

I was amazed at how much research she did to help understand my issues with infertility, and the role my MTHFR gene, and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis played in my overall health... she looked at my health holistically and connected dots that no doctor ever had for me.

Since I began seeing Jennifer, I’ve seen some positive signs on the fertility front, and now understand why my diet and lifestyle are so important for supporting my overall health, and the health issues I have.

I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking the help of a nutritionist to battle chronic problems - particularly the kind that Western medicine consistently fails to address. She’s the real deal!

— Victoria

I'm so pleased with the results my son is getting it makes me want to cry.

Before we started working with Jennifer, he was itchy all the time, and none of us were sleeping.

We tried steroid creams, bleach baths, wet wraps, dabbled in acupressure and TCM, and avoided foods that were triggering for him. None of it solved the problem. ⁠ ⁠

About 7 weeks into the plan Jennifer created for him, we started to see improvements!

Six nights in a row, he slept, waking either 0-1 time. This has never happened. ⁠ ⁠

He's been eating tomato sauce, lasagne, and even pizza with red sauce without flares and itching. It's like magic.⁠ ⁠

His rash flares aren't as severe as when we started, and they don't happen as often. We are finally getting a handle on it.⁠ ⁠ His progress so far has been amazing!⁠ ⁠


Her skin is looking awesome! It’s probably the longest stretch of it being clear that we’ve had in a long time. She occasionally has some small dry spots, but overall it’s been really good.

This isn't a small deal since spring has typically been the time it’s flared the most.

-Jen D

He’s doing amazing. Not only are his hot spots gone, but they’re also smooth to the touch. No more sandpaper skin!

We’re still in disbelief that his skin looks and feels this good.

Also, he's eating everything, there was a pretty immediate positive effect on his bowel movements, and after a few weeks, there was a dramatic improvement in episodes of stomach pain!

We are beyond grateful for your guidance, Jennifer.


My son struggled with terrible constipation. It was so terrible that he would strain, and I would need to chisel it out of him.

None of the diet changes we made helped at all.

We tried starting him on a probiotic, and then he developed eczema!

We did gut microbiome testing with Jennifer and identified imbalances in his gut. Pathogenic bacteria, histamine-producing opportunistic bacteria, and leaky gut were the main findings Jennifer helped us address with his plan.

We started the plan in April 2022, and by July 2022, my son is pooping like a champ, going at least once daily, and his rashes are gone! Even his dry skin is almost completely gone.

We are so thrilled with his results!


Looking back to where we started, there's been HUGE progress!

It blows my mind to look back at pictures and see how bad and widespread her rashes were compared to today.

Today she wore shorts and a t-shirt, and we've added foods to her diet that she couldn't eat before.

We are just thrilled to have our happy little girl back!


I've noticed so many improvements!

My daughter has been on her plan for about 9 weeks now, and people are commenting on how clear her skin is looking! Her skin is softer, and less itchy, and she isn't waking up during the night scratching and crying like she used to. We are all getting some sleep!

She's happier, becoming more independent, and more confident.

She's even able to eat foods that used to make her flare!

-anonymous mom of a 4-year-old girl

She's doing really well. There have been so many improvements.

She was able to wear shorts this summer, we've introduced all the top food allergens to her diet (she's tolerating everything!), she's gaining weight, and her bowel movements are improving.

She's even sleeping through the night and not waking up itchy!

I'm excited to watch her continue to improve!

-Kelly D, mom of a 1-year-old

Before working with Jennifer, we were trying desperately to manage eczema and recurring staph infections at home. Our child's pediatrician was motivated to help and willing to include more holistic approaches, but didn't have much to offer and referred us to allergists and dermatologists who were unwilling to try natural ways to help the situation. Skin care took 20-40 minutes twice daily, and we had no choice but to use screen time to help our daughter tolerate the tedious skincare sessions where we layered products and prescriptions as mindfully as we could. Careful observation revealed that an increase in probiotic dosage worsened her symptoms, but when I mentioned trying lower histamine strains, the physicians thought I was grasping at straws. I tried a different probiotic and it helped, but not enough; I didn't know what to try next and it felt like we'd never get off the hamster wheel.

Jennifer's knowledge of mechanisms of the products she recommends was beyond anything I've encountered before (and I've embraced a more integrative approach to my own care and have received many supplement recommendations along the way); she is exceptionally informed and very skilled at matching options to each unique case. My background is in biology and she was able to ascertain my level of understanding and further it with research-backed recommendations. I'm beyond impressed and forever grateful.

Jennifer earned my trust immediately. Given the number of medical copays and the cost of all the first aid bandage products we relied on to keep my child safe that I could foresee spending in our future, making this investment in our child's childhood was a no-brainer.

The time we spend on skincare twice daily has decreased nearly tenfold and we were able to take a family trip that required flying- our child's first time on a plane ever. We never would've been able to pack for that trip or comfortably travel and use public facilities if her skin had not been healthy.

Our child has learned to care for her skin instead of fear it! Working with Jennifer has been empowering and liberating. We have so much gratitude!

-Julia K

My life was nearly unbearable. I had face to feet eczema. It burned, itched, and oozed and was bothersome all day. I would wake up at night scratching and wiping up residue.

I needed help. I didn’t hesitate about working with Jennifer or her ability to help me. She is heavily credentialed, and she listened to my suffering and the short-term fixes the ER and dermatologists gave me. I did not want to go in and out of the emergency in perpetuity, and Jennifer was resolute in addressing the root cause of the problem.

About 90-95% of my eczema is gone. It is miraculous. I feel so much better, and I look better since I'm no longer covered face to feet in rashes and hives.

I sleep well now. The amount of stress you are under trying to work through the day can be exhausting. Then, not being able to sleep at night is even more frustrating. To have all of that alleviated is truly freeing. It is almost impossible to accurately describe living in constant agony and trying to function at home and work at the same time.

I am nearly completely healed. Over the 4-5 years I have known Jen, she never left me alone in this. She is accessible and having someone who has done this work telling you there is light at the end of the tunnel and that they will drive you to it is reassuring. She is riding shotgun with you.

Her heart for people is immeasurable. She wants to learn and wants to help, and she is dedicated fully to both. 

You owe it to yourself to contact her. She is one of the most real people ever. She is not going to tell you she can fix what she cannot, and she is not going to make promises she cannot deliver.

She will exhaust all resources, grind with you for however long it takes, and give everything she can to help you. I am a living testament to her heart and the results of her work.

There is no level of appreciation I could give that would account for what she has helped me with.
- Ryan W

Before I found Jennifer, I was constantly fighting fatigue, daily bloat, changes in mood, heartburn, brain fog, low immune system, and occasional itchy spots. I also discovered I had Giardia and had taken prescription meds to remove this, and it only made matters worse and didn't get rid of the issue.

My goal in working with Jennifer was really to treat the problem naturally.

Jennifer's approach stood out to me because she gets to the root of the cause, she focused on the problem and not just covering up symptoms. She focused on gut healing and repair.

I was hesitant to get started when I found out about the investment I needed to make. I decided to go forward with Jennifer because I had read and heard such wonderful reviews and I knew if I didn't give it a shot, I would never know if this was finally the solution I was looking for.

I am so glad I made the right decision! 

The biggest changes I've seen are not waking up bloated every morning, not feeling like I need a nap every day due to lack of energy, and a noticeable positive change in my immune system. I used to feel like I was always on the verge of getting a cold. This was so important to me because it was affecting the quality of my life, and I didn't know how to get out of the situation I was in.

I feel so much better now, and it gives me hope that I am well enough, and that my husband and I might be able to make new goals together.

Working with Jennifer, you can be confident that she will get to the root of the cause and create a specific regimen catered to your exact needs, and she will help you heal from the inside out.

She is patient, caring, and wonderful to work with.

I wish there were more Jennifer's out there! My experience working with her has been so wonderful. She is a joy to work with, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to truly heal their gut.

I wish I would have started with her sooner, because I would not have suffered for as long as I did.

-Lura R

We started working with Jennifer to address our son’s eczema. He was four months old at the time.

We struggled with his ongoing inflamed and staph-infected skin rashes that were oozing, flaking, dry, and peeling. He cried almost all day long because he was so irritated from the itch.

He (and we) weren’t sleeping because he was so uncomfortable.

His hair was falling out.

He would vomit after every feeding and had frequent and horrible bowel movements.

He wasn’t gaining weight. His doctor was concerned, so we were going in weekly for weigh-ins.

After about 12 weeks following the plan Jennifer created for us, I’m amazed at how well he’s doing!

He’s looking better every week, he doesn’t cry all day long anymore, he’s much more comfortable, and we’re sleeping now!

He’s not flared all the time.

His skin and skin tone look better overall.

He doesn’t itch all the time anymore.

He’s gaining weight! We don’t have weekly weigh-in appointments, and his doctor is satisfied that he’s on track now.

His hair is even growing back.

There have been so many improvements. A weight has been lifted off of us. We can see his personality now.

I’m so excited about more improvements and that my son is really healing from the inside out.

- MJ

I reached out to Jennifer to help address my 8-year-old son's bowel irregularities, poor digestion, mood and concentration problems, and cheek pimples. I wanted my son to have optimal health and not have to deal with facial acne. 

Jennifer recommended functional testing and created a plan for my son based on his unique needs. 

After following the plan for about 2 1/2 - 3 months, he's getting better, and he's just thrived! 

He looks 20% healthier, and he's had a huge improvement in his physical appearance/stature. 

He's bowel movements have been normal for over 6 weeks, even as we've allowed him to splurge a little on his diet.

He's generally happier, his sleep is better, and his overall mood is now great! We couldn't be happier with his progress!

-Mark I

You get to a point where you think you'll have to live like this with your child and can't imagine breaking free from it. 

And then you do. 

His behavior is so much better! The meltdowns he used to have are now few are far between. He used to have massive anxiety days in advance of knowing he'd be away from me. Now he's fine on his own! 

He's no longer combative, he wakes up feeling refreshed, and his skin continues improving. 

He's also gained 10 pounds while on the plan Jennifer created for him! His body looks nourished, and is finally holding on to the nutrients he's eating.

I couldn't be happier with how well my son is doing and how much improvement we've seen in him while working with Jennifer!

-Sarah S

My twin daughters both suffered from eczema. They had angry, red, rough patches of skin all over their legs, ankles, and feet. Our pediatrician gave us some advice for topicals but told us that it was childhood eczema and they would "just have to grow out of it." 

This wasn’t an acceptable solution for us. We wanted to address the root cause of their rashes and heal their skin before it got any more uncomfortable.

Jennifer came highly recommended by another practitioner, and we had a good feeling about working with her from the start. It was great to find someone willing to do more problem-solving and support the girls' bodies in healing from the inside out!

We noticed clearing skin and less itching early into working with Jennifer. As time went by, we noticed 100% clearing of rashes in one of our daughters and 98% in the other one (just a tiny spot on her ankle). Another thing we noticed was improved immunity - our girls are getting sick less often and seem able to fight illnesses/viruses much faster than before.

We got the exact results we were looking for, plus a deeper appreciation for treating the root imbalances of health issues. I never wanted my girls to remember that they had eczema, and it seems that will be the case!

Jennifer is a great practitioner and a pleasure to work with! Friendly, positive, knowledgeable, and quick to respond. If you’re looking for a resolution to your child’s rashes, Jennifer is your go-to practitioner!

-Elizabeth N (RDN)

He's enjoying himself and being a kid! Since we started working with Jennifer to get a resolution of our son's eczema, we have seen huge improvements! 

Last year at this time, we had to use steroid creams to manage his symptoms because he would scratch until he would bleed. We thought we were going to have to start him on Dupixent (which we didn't want to do). 

He was constantly suffering, bleeding, shedding, and scratching. He looked sickly with dark circles under his eyes. His face and lips were peeling. 

Now, even if he does scratch, his skin is so much stronger. It doesn't break. He looks healthy, and he can wear T-shirts and shorts to school. We never had to use Dupixent, and haven't used steroids for almost a year now!

We are so greatly encouraged by his progress and that he's finally enjoying himself like a child should!

-Rukayya (mom)

My motivation for working with Jennifer was to heal my baby, stop the itching, and clear his skin. The problem started when he was 3 months old. His cheeks were red and flared, his skin was broken and raw, and none of us slept. We had to keep his legs covered, even in Florida summers, to keep him from scratching. I worried about his diet because I didn’t know what to feed him anymore. I worried about his insecurities at school because of how his skin looked and about him being uncomfortable in public because of it too.

After working with Jennifer for about 5 months, we are pleasantly surprised! His facial rashes have improved significantly, he’s not itchy all the time anymore, the discoloration on his skin is returning to normal, and he’s sleeping so much better. It’s summertime, and he’s enjoying camp, wearing shorts, and he’s eating like a kid! Even some junk food which I know isn’t ideal, but he’s not having reactions from it! We are so glad Jennifer has guided us on this journey, and we can’t thank her enough for her support, guidance, expertise, and knowledge. This has been life-changing, and we are grateful!

-Irene for her 3-year-old son 

We started working with Jennifer to figure out the root cause of our son's eczema and to help heal his skin so that we could have a better quality of life. 

It started as baby acne and cradle cap when he was 4 months old, and then it spread all over his body. We tried to keep him moisturized and our doctors recommended steroids. The steroids helped, but when we tried to taper off, he would flare again, and we didn't want to rely on these medications long-term.

He was so itchy, and at age 4, he was starting to notice the rashes and bumps on his skin and ask why he had them. Our anxiety was through the roof because we didn't know what to do to help him.

Jennifer helped us identify root cause issues that were to blame for our son's eczema. We did GI Map stool testing, and she created a plan for us based on the results that resolved the imbalances. 

I can confidently say that we are so happy with our son's progress! 

We haven't used steroids in almost a year!

He started swimming this year, and this was huge because before, when we'd put him in the pool, he would flare from head to toe. Now, he's swimming like a fish and loves it! We even enrolled him in swimming lessons.

It's been life-changing watching him enjoy summer steroid and eczema-free!

-Rukayya, mom to a 5-year-old boy struggling with eczema

Before we started working with Jennifer, my son's skin was peeling off, and I suspect he was going through TSW. 

He had dark circles under his eyes and wasn't sleeping. 

We had to keep him in sleeping sleeves and knee-high socks at night so he wouldn't claw at his skin and draw blood. In the mornings, his sheets were covered with dry, shedding skin. 

He couldn't focus in school because he'd scratch constantly, which resulted in many phone calls to us from his teacher. 

Swimming was an absolute no-go. He couldn't tolerate the pool or beach. 

He also struggled with constipation.

We were at a loss, and our doctor recommended we start him on Dupixent. That's when we found Jennifer and made the decision to work with her instead. 

Now, our son has been steroid-free for over a year. His skin is stronger and softer, he's not itching all of the time, he looks healthier, there are no more dark circles under his eyes, and he's sleeping (without sleeves, and socks), he can focus in school, we've enrolled him in swimming lessons and he can enjoy the pool and the beach, he doesn't experience flares anymore, and he's not constipated! 

We never started Dupixent either.

It makes me so happy to see how far he's come over the past year. He's a completely different child. A regular kid enjoying his childhood!

We are beyond grateful that we found Jennifer. She has been an amazing guide for us on this journey. It hasn't been easy, but it has been well worth the effort and investment!

-RG, mom of a 5-year-old boy with eczema

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